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Traveling Innovations is happy to announce that it received it's second advertiser! Check out Paris 911
I followed, and still am following the WA Training, never thinking I would go into so much depth or make the amount of headway that I have done to date, I do believe it is starting to pay off! I am pleased to announce that Traveling Innovations has got it's very first customer advertising on it's site, – Kiddy Travel is a beautiful little site run by mothers that have a vast amount of experience and first-hand knowledge of traveling with children. Please join me
So your at the Airport, or maybe on a Cruise Ship, or at another location where you have to undergo security screening before being allowed entry! Has a Security Officer asked you a question or said something that was completely out of order? Lets share some of these responses or even ask a question, and the most popular will become an article for Traveling Innovations blog!
So it only took me just over a month to go to full membership! Why so long or why so fast? depends on which way you look at it, in short, and having previously created many other pages & blogs, which never even got as far as I am now with my present site, I realized that I had learned so much in so little time and made awesome progress on my web page and continue to do so. The tuition from WA is head and shoulders above all other that I have attempted to take, and I am just glad that I too
January 15, 2014
I just want to shout out and tell everyone about my progress, my accomplishments and my intentions in the hope that others shall be inspired. So what have I done to date, well without the help of WA I most certainly would not have got this far, I actually work with two computers on the go, side by side, and when listening to the instructional videos create my masterpiece at the same time, have a quick peak So what do you think? I actually have a full time job and