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December 08, 2014
Good evening WA community !! Haven't been here in the community for a few days of late... My discovery on the hidden secrets of money really sent me on a thorough research and discovery mission and I've only touched the surface I think. Bottom line of it all is that there is system out there that has pulled a thick blanket of wool over our eyes. The system is designed to keep you from asking questions, it keeps you suppressed, it keeps you in the dark, un-educated, and it is designed to keep yo
December 02, 2014
Last week I was very fortunate to meet up with Vincent and discuss his interest in starting his journey as an online entrepreneur! Truth be told he had already started and dipped some toes in ClickBank and had a look around some affiliate programs. Ladies and gentleman of the incredible Wealthy Affiliate community, I am extremely happy to introduce Vincent! After the conversations I have had with him over the last few weeks I know he has the drive and the motivation to do what it takes and get
December 01, 2014
Happy 1st day of the last month of the year!! And a pinch and punch for the 1st of the month!! Can you believe it? I almost can't believe it!! Nearly the end of the year... Whhhhaaaaat? Anyone else get the feeling that time goes faster and faster the older you get? It feels just yesterday I was sitting at home wondering how the year is going to turn out. So far so damn good. Didn't quite work out exactly how I thought... Never the less I learned lessons that I really needed to learn this year
November 27, 2014
Finally finished an article for my website!! Only took forever to actually get it started lol... Glad that it is done and now I can rest my mind again for a bit... phew. Seems I had a lot to say though... Just under 2500 words... Think that must be a new record for me. I'm curious to see how this article will rank and how soon. Still needs a few backlinks embedded here and there and a few affiliate links... That I will tackle tomorrow. In the meantime would love some comments and feedback. http
November 27, 2014
Today is a very special day for a very special person who has had such a massive impact for so many people in such a short time! HAAAAAAPPPYYY BIRTHDAY Carla!! Hope you have an amazing day today and get super spoilt and may all your dreams become a reality!! Thank you for being here and sharing your journey with us. It is a privilage and an honour to have you in my life. I'm not sure if people are suppose to know... I am bad ass like that so I am sharing the news anyways :P
November 26, 2014
Didn't you hate it when you heard those words, either from a parent, teacher, boss or from the person we dating? It usually meant something serious and in terms of a relationship... The end, or some big ultimatum was on it's way like... "Marry me or move on it's been long enough! I am not waiting anymore!!" Hahaha Rest assure this is not going to be any of those chats I promise... This is just about me being selfish and living in my natural flow according to
November 24, 2014
From having 1000 followers here at WA and that is just awesome!! What an honour and a privilege that so many people would want to follow me and listen to what it is I have to say. Thank you to you all I really appreciate you! On another note... Today is suppose to be my creation day and I am stuck with what to create... So many things and so little time??? Where does one begin? With the first bite of course! NOM NOM NOM!! P.s... Wonder who my 1000 new friend here on WA will be?
November 21, 2014
I must say... I am feeling like a mill... no ... a BILLION bucks once more. My plan to go on strike was perfectly timed and an excellent choice if I don't say so myself. Woke up this morning a little later than usual, slept in a bit... Well I just kind of lay there for a while day dreaming about racing cars. Had some awesome dices with some of the other drivers... Crowd was going wild... I could hear them screaming and shouting above the sounds of the engine... Amazing!! Thinking there might ac
November 21, 2014
Yip it's true... I am not creating another piece of anything today... In fact, this strike is so severe I am not even going to write this blog post here at WA!! I might carry on again on Tuesday... Ok that's not true, I will never reach my goals otherwise... Tuesday however is going to be a full day of creating and feeding my creative flow for the week... Now that I think about it... Kinda worked out well that a meeting with one of my financial coaches is on Tuesday... Love it when those unplan
November 19, 2014
Ok not for real down here in South Africa... a- Because we don't really get snow unless you closer to Lesotho and other areas where the mountains are. Still nothing like other countries though b- It's Spring here right now... Although a cold front came through and it has been quite friggen cold over the last few days! There will be a massive problem with the world if it Snows in Africa in the Spring time. No... None of those reasons are the cause for the pending snow... The real reason in fact