I have been pretty much staying off of WA lately, busy with other things.

Anyway, I received an email today saying so and so member is now following me. The particular member as far as I know has been following me for quite a while and we have communicated fairly often via WA and other, so why would I get a notice this particular member is all of a sudden just now following me??

The other weird thing that happened is: I also received an email telling me I have a PM from the same member. After I read the email from the member (which was very cordial), I wrote a response and when I clicked to send the reply, I received a message telling me I have been blocked by the person that sent me the message to begin with.

This member has been an Ambassador and is stll an active member of WA and what I deemed to be a friend also.

What the H is going on???

No idea what Classroom to post this in, so sorry in advance if it is the wrong one.

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1signbanner Premium
I do block, not to offend but to limit my emails to me. I don't feel apologetic but I do get so much I get overwhelmed that I get my rating numbers lowered by not responding.

That's why I block.

Cindy I did not block you, did I? I go check!
dchapman3 Premium
I haven't experienced anything like this. Maybe this is a honest mistake or they thought it was someone else.
MarionBlack Premium
Perhaps the person accidentally unfollowed you and blocked you from private messages. Maybe they thought they were blocking and unfollowing a different person.

They've started following you again which is easy but it's not possible to unblock someone in private messages.

Try leaving a message on their profile page.
Cindyda1 Premium
I did leave a message on their profile page.

Very interesting to know they are not able to unblock someone in private messages.

Thanks Marion for replying!
JamesJB Premium
That's a very strange thing to happen...and yes, it is weird indeed.