How can I make my website and posts generate an income?

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JEaston Premium Plus
Hi Johane,

Have a good day. I relate a little bit with your question, i just a newbie but want to help base on what I've learned here in the WA.

Like what other have said you have to post most relevant articles/review of products and add affiliate link
to each of every pages that related to your niche.

Be consistent continue of doing that 2 or 3 articles publish to your website every week. Plus create ads to your social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube and others to bring traffic and visitors to your website.

In doing all of these process in the long run I'm sure you'll getting revenue in it. I have no doubt sooner or later you reach your goals. You will have an income to cover up of all the hard work.
Happy and win :-)

Hope all these will help you.

Wish you all the best and success!

JohaneG Premium
Thank you, Jyce.
Hanco Premium Plus
Great answers.
keishalina Premium
hi Johane ...

fantastic question that you've just presented for answer and i can see that you've been with WA for over a year and have completed the training with Kyle ....

that's super progress so far ....

it just so happens i viewed an excellent video by Tim, Super Aff., here and it's worth seeing and it might just help inspire you a wee bit to keep going onward .... and I see Farah have provided some helpful comments for you as well ...

keep at building out unique quality content to engage your audience ....

appreciate your interest & participation,

all the best .... :)
JohaneG Premium
Thank you many times, Keishalina.
Farah20 Premium
Patience my friend. As long as you post valuable content daily on your website, reviews are equally as important.
Engage in social media, I create pins for my content via Pinterest to make my website gain some attention, as a result Im getting some followers.
Google adsense is helpful for receiving some traffic to your website, but not too many ads;)
JohaneG Premium
Excellent encouraging answers, Farah. Thank you.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hey Johane

Perhaps you would like to go over the OEC again to get more clarifications.

However please check out these links Writing quality rich content with good choice of keywords is the go for, however, if you'd like be more specific we can help you further.
JohaneG Premium
Thank you a trillion times, Abie.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You're so very welcome.