I have cancelled my WA premium membership (I may come back later). Can I continue using WA as my website host?


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AbieAJ Premium Plus
HI, as the others have said. no.

Once account expires you'd be locked out of the system. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you arrange alternative hosting for your sites before your account ceases.

Back up only are available for 60 days.

You can never revert back to free starter.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Yes, as long as you can keep paying your hosting fees (the WA Premium membership) lol. When you stop paying hosting fees at any host, your service gets cut. It just so happens here that the fees provide you with a ton of training & support, too.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - no, once the latest period you have paid for expires, you will be locked out of the platform and your website will be deleted after 60 days. You need to move your website to another hosting provider before your access expires. No hosting provider will host your site for free, so you can't reasonably expect WA to do so.

You will need to do some research as to which hosting provider will be the most suitable. Some of them will charge extra for Site Security, 24/7 support, daily back-ups, email addresses etc, whereas WA includes this in the membership.
GarryJam Premium
Good to know.
Emmo1968 Premium
Simple answer is no you can't. I think you have something like 60 days (I'm probably wrong) to move your site to a new host if you want to keep it.