I am having trouble deleting my account on WA.

I have canceled and stopped my subscription.

I have also deleted all profile pics, etc.

And, still, my account is active.

I browsed other posts, and saw that many others have tried to delete accounts, and were told that : there is NO WAY to delete one's account. Simply "Log Out"


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I also want to delete my account please help
laurafreedom Premium
Go into Paypal and cancel the subscription there. I don't know what the issue is on the WA end but a lot of people have had the same problem when trying to cancel.

I know you are given 30 days to transfer hosting of your websites before they are deleted. That may have something to do with it. It's possible the cancellation doesn't become final until after the 30 days.

CraigBarnes1 Premium
Dear Laura,

How do I delete my/this account if I did NOT pay for it through PayPal, but used my credit card instead of them? Thank you.