Dear Support

I need your support based on my domain name

the reason for this is that somewhere along the line the security system sat ZOHO blocked my access to the account and my identification and passwords are not correlated

They have asked me to do the following

"Could you please login to your domain management page (
Create a CNAME record with host name ZAC73177068 point it to and set TTL to 1 hour. Please provide us the screenshot of the page where you have updated the CNAME in your DNS zone file page."

Can you please let me know if this is possible

I shall be waiting for your reply so I can get back to the folks back in India at


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feigner Premium
it might be worth sending this to support rather then the general community...
click on hte help at the top
select sitesupport
and start a ticket ...choose yes concerning a website and select the relevant one ....
that should get you through to support...
i hope you get it set up
BusinessTime Premium