My dear community, have anybody got an idea how and where I can stock my websites away since I want to stop my membership with WA.

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thelungdoc Premium
First, let me say I am sorry you are going to stop your membership here.

You can also make a backup copy of your entire website (database, images, posts and pages, comments, etc.) and then if you decide to get hosting somewhere else you can then just upload your backup copy.

Let me know if you need to know how to make a backup copy.

Bibian2 Premium
Thank you, I have changed a hosting platform and they have taken care of it. I very much appreciate your concern. I think it is better to look for elsewhere when what your are doing is not yielding. I wish you good luck
Jukkah Premium
If you have your hosting at WA as well, you will need to get hosting somewhere else and transfer the domains there if you want to keep the domains. If you don't mind possibly losing the domains after they expire, you can simply use a plugin like Duplicator to download your sites to your computer for later use. Beware that it takes some technical know-how to set them up later on.
Bibian2 Premium
Thank you so muchJukkah. I appreciate your quick reply