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I've been working through the WA training since August 12th, and now on Aug 25th I'm celebrating the completion of Level 2 of training! In these two weeks, I have been creating a website around bareboat sailing charters, something I'm very passionate about! The website is up and indexed. I've changed the theme and found the right "fit" for what I'm trying to accomplish. I have moved up in the ranks from 200,000+ to 20084. My network has grown to 278 WA peers. I have also reached out to some a
August 08, 2019
After a restless night of "should I or shouldn't I", I took my list of potential niches and purchased 13 domains this morning! Go big or go home! It was so difficult finding just the right domain names to begin with, so I thought I better just make them mine and get to work! Looking forward to continuing the process of building my online empire :) Terri