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That's what Empower Network called one of their money spinning rip off events a few months back. Well now it's our turn to fight the forces of evil by telling all the people who are thinking of joining them and making a very big mistake. It may look like to them that they are joining an ethical above board business because they have been around since 20ll but it is a straight up Ponzi and when people start to realize that, it will fall. Please leave me your comments on this related post of mine
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I attended a Wordpress workshop last weekend which was full of great tips, tricks and awesome information. I'm not sure if this has already been covered here in WA if so forgive me. One of the tips I was shown is how to put a different banner/widget in every page or post you write relating to what your subject is. This helps with engagement by your visitors and Google likes to know and understand what your site is all about. You can obviously link the banner to where you want to send your reade
September 11, 2013
I have really enjoyed my time here since joining Wealthy Affiliate on the 20th August. The training we have at our fingertips is the best I have seen anywhere in my 8 years of searching online. Another thing I do like doing is having a laugh. I found this funny video on youtube the other day and thought I would share it with you all just to break the day up a bit. I hope you enjoy it and not easily offended. Have a great day and as soon as it's finished I want you all back to work. Let's have a
I returned today after a weeks break in Cornwall which is in the south west of England. Unfortunately the little village we stayed in...I went with my wife and 3 children...I couldn't get an internet connection. Having said that I managed to write two blog posts sat on the beach using the hotspot from my iphone. It amused quite a few people seeing me there with my laptop on me typing away as the tide came in, I've always wanted to do that. Although I enjoyed my break I was looking forward to
August 29, 2013
I'm going away for a weeks holiday with my family and boy do I need it. Though I'll still be working on my blog that's for sure, but I'm worried about the internet connection because where we're staying is a bit rural. I've now completed my first week with Wealthy Affiliate and I can honestly say it's been the best week I have ever had in 8 years online. I have been with all the big network marketing companies there is, and some of you know who they are but none of them come any where close to