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I am working through the 2019 Super Affiliate Challenge and was feeling a bit sorry for myself (not overly but the question did come up) as I tried to think of the 12 articles I am going to write about over the next month. So instead of sitting here letting my mind rule the roost, I thought I would write and get it out.As a pretty creative person, I thought that particular task would be easy. It's only coming up with the ideas - right? Wrong. I sat in my study and looked at all my personal deve
May 03, 2019
I have spent the morning working with Site Comments and I have to say that I love it! It is the first time that I have spent a decent amount of time looking at and reading other WA members pages. One of the things that I found most surprising is that I really enjoyed reading other WA'ers websites and it struck me just how clever our members are. It was a good reminder that we have an excellent resource here. Not just with Kyle and Carson but all of our members.Site Content is another part of WA
As you can see, I have been with WA (on and off) since 2009. This morning I was thinking about the first time I tried the making money on line niche. Even here at WA, setting up a website, dealing with wordpress and all of the technical shenanigans that went with all of that. As a learner, it was overwhelming, confusing, frustrating and often unproductive.Even though I have still to publish my website, it's not because I can't do it. The resources here now at WA compared to 2009 are staggering.
I love the community at WA and my personal network. Good people all! For this reason, I would love to read every blog post that pops into my inbox but I struggle. Without being one big fat excuse, I work full time, manage my partners business and have a busy out of work life doing things for family etc. I've been thinking that others must be in a similar boat.My question is: How does everyone else manage?
I have been wondering why I have been procrastinating so much with getting my website up and running and it occurred to me that I am scared of my own content.I am a very spiritual person and am obviously passionate about all things spiritual. So, this is the core of my website content. I have no idea how it will eventually make me money but I am taking the advice of the excellent people at WA and just going with my gut in the hopes of helping others in the same boat as me.But.... and here's ther
Second time around for the whole internet marketing/online business thing for me. I'm sitting here with the Cat reading all of the blog posts and wondering when I will find the time to do all of the things I want to get done in the day. Yes, I can hear everyone saying "make time" and all of those other sayings that time poor and time efficient people say. Having said all of that, I am not whinging and am totally committed to getting my business going in the right direction so that I can finally
I regularly check out the blog posts of all of the newbies here at WA and I try to welcome as many of them as possible because that is one of the things I really like when I first joined WA. Finally, it appeared that I had found a site where people actually interacted and wanted to make the time to help and get to know you. But, what I find really disturbing is how few women seem to be joining! An online business that is flexible and gives you the opportunity to work from home is the ideal busin
Auckland is undergoing a massive political shift! For the average person in and around Auckland, it will have a very large impact in a number of foreseen and unforeseeable ways! But, that is not why I write. I was prompted to write this blog post because last week, two fairly high profile would be Mayors (John Banks and Andrew Williams) of the supercity displayed what can only be called juvenile and unacceptable behaviour motivated only what I would term "excessive testosterone". Both
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Well, after my last post I've been through a few very different emotions. It is a few weeks on and no techies can retrieve my 50+ posts and 12 months of work. But... and here's the big but: I'm kind of thinking it's a good thing. In part, my blog was a diary of my inexperience and newbie-ness. Some of the articles I wrote early on really could do with some "realness" instead of parroted writing. So, I am going back to the drawing board happily! I see this as an opportunity to re-inve
May 14, 2010
This is a definite plea for help! Has anyone ever had their entire blog disappear? I happily hit the link for my blog sign in because I had an especially good blog post idea - I waited BLANK!! - a blank page with the message at the bottom - Done. I'm screaming what? It's not done - where's my bloody blog. So, I thought I would sleep on it an it would magically appear back where it's supposed to be today but no luck. Has anyone experienced this before?  I've emailed word press but communica