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I am surprised, I didn't expect any of these changes and new features. Maybe it was announced somewhere and I just didn't notice but I love all the new features. Just recently I came across a couple of WA reviews on Youtube, it was about the pros and cons, but some reviews were just negative overall, and one of the cons was the outdated platform and information which I understood, but honestly I didn't think much about it because I also spent time doing my own research, and joined a couple of c
Hey everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend, where ever part of the world you may be from, I'm from Queens, NY and it's such a beautiful day out. I'm working at a public park, just had some white castle burgers and a coke. Anyway, I thought I'd start applying some of the stuff I had learned and today I am working on editing previous blog posts. Just wondering about this call to action image I finished making today, I'm not sure if my sales pitch is good enough or not? I like
Hey WA community, I was wondering if any of you can help me out. I know that Amazon gives affiliates a certain amount of days to make it. I'd hate to have my account closed so I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice so that I can increase my chances of becoming successful. Maybe you can share what worked for you, and what are some great ways to increase traffic and generate sales. Any information you can all give me would be greatly appreciated! I'd hate to lose this opportunity I hav
It's almost been almost 2 years now since I joined WA and I am super proud that I made this move. I remember laying in bed recovering from spinal surgery, wondering what I am going to do with my life, and focusing on a speedy recovery. On the last week of April 2018, it was just a regular morning, I woke up and prepared for work. I had this routine of waking up around 3 or 4am. I would workout, pray and do some reading before having breakfast and be out the door by 8am to do some Postmates deli
I am happy with my progress so far, almost 4 years ago now I started off as a Postmates courier after quitting my IT career. At first IT was okay, not great but I looked forward to advancing in the field. Then I realized okay, it's not IT that I am unhappy about. I love technology, businesses rely on it, and even now my online work does consist of some IT work. I realized I was just unhappy with living life as an employee. Employees have a very limited life and even if you study a subject you e
December 24, 2018
My site has been indexed, I was suprised actually since I haven't worked on my site for the past couple of months, I was busy focusing on another blog I just created and activated adsense. I made a few cents so far which is pretty cool, it's a step foward. Knowing that my website has been indexed tells me that my site definitely has great potential the sky is the limit and I have other ideas and I will definitely continue to take action. 2018 is almost behind us, next year will be much brighter
I just finished my first post today, it took me some time to get my words together and make corrections because I was working towards perfection. I want my content to attract the readers attention so I can create a following full of passionate people who are either looking to learn more about the sport, start training, or share their own stories related to boxing. I have it figured out now, I wasn't exactly sure what was going to be my topic, or goal, but I got it. I can picture my beautiful bl
Today was a bit of a challenge, the reason why was because it was a pretty slow day and in this heat that is no good. I wanted to knock out 15 runs by 12pm which is why I was out there by 6:30am. Usually it's such a rush, the mornings and early afternoons get very busy and I lose track of time; however I still had a great day, traffic and pedestrians were a mess as always and I have to be quick and use good judgment and good timing so I don't get run over by a car or knock people over which I h
Finally, I completed level one of The Entrepreneur Certification Course, I'm very excited, and I feel closer to Achieving my goal. At times, it seems a bit strange, not many people would understand me right now if I explained that I have or that I'm working on my own business online, from home. It seems that most only view a business or a job if you are somewhere physically; getting up and commuting to work, that sort of thing. Even when I started working as a freelance courier using the Postm
June 27, 2018
I just started working again and my back still does feel a bit funny, but I'll be okay. The routines I've been doing to help strengthen my back muscles is definitely helping and made my return to cycling easy. It's been about 2 weeks now since I've been a premium member and there is nothing like getting up early to listen to motivational videos while drinking a cup of concentrated tea mix which is more like an energy beverage similar to Red Bull, except with health benefits. At about 6am I hit