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December 08, 2019
Hi everyone:) Just wondering if anyone else is not receiving messages from WA? I contacted Site Support yesterday, and they're still working on it. I've checked all of my settings numerous times, so I'm not sure why this is happening? It has to be a simple fix, but I can't figure it out. If anyone else is having this issue, please PM me:). I was able to get Site Support's PMs, so I'm assuming I'll still be able to receive those. Thanks:) Blessings:)Suzi
December 05, 2017
Hi WA Family!Ok... so I usually never post anything here. I'm the "question asker," as many of you know! However, I'm just starting to reinvent myself within WA after being away for 7 months. When I sat down yesterday to review my website, I was totally terrified! I have forgotten so much of the information that I learned from the lessons and Jay's webinars from when I first started.Then last night, I came upon a very inspirational speech which talked about facing your giants! This is exac
November 29, 2016
I just want to sincerely apologize to those who have followed me, yet I have not responded. When I went yearly yesterday, I looked at my account settings to make sure that everything was in order and found out that I did not have the box labeled "email when someone follows" checked. So...this whole time, I have been wondering why some within the community were putting "You're welcome" on my profile page! I am really sorry. This whole thing has been a learning process, and I'm trying to get t
Tomorrow is a special time when we celebrate those who have in the past, or are presently serving in our armed forces. I know there are many within the WA community who are vets. So, I just wanted to say a HUGE "THANK YOU!" Thank you, Thank you, again, for being willing to lay down your lives for our country. I mean this deeply from the bottom of my heart:) GOD bless you!Blessings:)Suzi
November 07, 2016
Awesome! I got a publishing badge, too! I just finished working with my tutoring kiddos, and started reading about all of these badges that others had gotten, and I was feeling a little left out:(. Then, it popped up! I'm excited! Congrats to the rest of you guys, as well:)Blessings:)Suzi
October 10, 2016
Hi everyone:) I'm just finishing course 2...finally!!! I love to read all of your success stories, and cheer you on:) However, when it comes to talking about myself, it's not that easy. I have created a website-, although it is far from being finished! I am very proud of the fact that, with everything going on in my life, I haven't quit! With all of the mistakes I have made, that's a HUGE accomplishment:) I will continue to celebrate each of your successes, both th
September 25, 2016
This is my 1st actual WA blog, goes! I just wanted to say a special "thank you" to Chris Scott, AKA The Teddy Bear! This afternoon, I had completely gotten myself in a rut, again. He very calmly reassured me that everything was going to be fine, and spent over an hour repairing my problems:) So, thank you, Chris, for patiently explaining everything that I had messed up on, and telling me what needed to be corrected. I also want to thank everyone within the community who always seem