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July 01, 2017
From the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canadians celebrate today the 150th year of Confederation.From Justin and Susan, (Sophie also says, "Hello") we wish all Canadians a Happy 150th .
June 17, 2017
My 1000th follower just clicked to follow me!!!!!WOW!!!! Thank you, Jerome!!!!!!I am very excited and amazed to have so many followers!!!!It is hard to imagine. It is fabulous!!!!!!"THANK YOU" everyone, for deciding to add me to your network.Let's plan on meeting one another, in person, in VEGAS!!!!!Susan
June 01, 2017
Oh My Goodness! I am really excited to be ranked in the Top 100.It feels great!I love it here at WA!!!!!Thank you, everyone, for making this such a welcoming and supportive community.Susan
Bo Tipton posted a question asking us what are our colours.I had replied with links to a few of the sites I have used with my school staff to do some personality profiling. Several people have shown an interest in checking out their personality profiles, so I am going to share two of the popular ones that I have used over the years with my school staff.The reason I did personality profiling in my school was to acknowledge that there are no right or wrong personalities, we are just different.We
May 08, 2017
Wow! I received my Top 200 Certificate today. I must admit, it feels great!!!!!
Loving the learning!
April 13, 2017
During my last few years of work, I agonized over the idea of retiring. I loved my job and could not imagine life without it. I thrived on the challenge of solving problems, helping people, working with a team and constantly striving for improvement. I entered retirement knowing that I was leaving something I loved and entering a new phase of life that did not have a clearly laid out road plan. I looked, in all the wrong places, for something to do in retirement that would give me some of wha
I am thrilled to be a part of this great community of "learners" and "doers"!I began my journey with WA on the 14th of March 2017. I have been diligently following my lessons and trying to learn as much as possible. So far I am on Course 2 and finishing Lesson 10 in the Certification Course and on Course 1, Lesson 8 in the Affiliate Bootcamp program.I have worked on my assignments everyday, except for an 8 day break that I spend on a vacation to Mexico with my daughter and her family! (Actual
As I gathered my thoughts about why someone should consider working on-line after retirement, I realized that the internet provides acceptance of each and every one of us.There is no discrimination due to age, gender, race, religion, education, abilities, skills, training, political views, etc.There is total acceptance of every person.What we are told about heaven, is that there will be room for all of us and that we will all be accepted there, despite our differences.There are millions of us o
March 24, 2017
If you are retired, or close to retiring, you are in the generation that could do it all! You are one of the BABY BOOMERS! The great thing about being a BOOMER, is that we believed that we could do ANYTHING! There were no limits for us. In fact, we did it ALL. Look back over the last 30 years and marvel at what our generation did for this planet!More advances, developments and discoveries were made in the last 30 years than in any other block of time in recorded history.We should give ourselves