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November 4, 2012

Since beginning again with WA, I launched my newest site yesterday. I welcome comments below in my profile. I would also appreciate four to five page views and a couple of Facebook shares. WA members unite! lol

Launched November 3, 2012:

Please visit my FB page here http://on.fb.me/Ty6GQh , then navigate to the site. Please like and share along the way. I've linked it this way as a split test with various traffic sources I use for my site. Thanks for playing along.


October 16, 2012...
Hello gang:) I'm coming to WA with a beginner's mind, an MBA in marketing - that is certainly not my persona - , and I have a great desire to make a some what substantial living online.

As I've not looked deeply at the WA curriculum, I suspect - I think the WA curriculum should if it doesn't - have each student perform a SWOT analysis of themselves to start. Evaluating your Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats is always a good idea to do on a regular basis - once a year. You can also perform one for each niche that you may target, for that matter, each strategy you may be considering.

As I think about it, the SWOT analysis is not the first step. The first step ought to be defining your mission. The mission's elements ought to be measurable - a guide to performance standards that you have set. The mission statement is narrower than a vision statement. Then go on to market reasearch etc. Blah Blah Blah. Y'all know that stuff.

In my fifty years, (you know fifty is the new twenty five) I've learned a few things. I have a personal value system that begins with ahimsa - adversity to doing harm. For those of you that you know of yoga's ashtonga system, you know where I'm coming from. I'm an active outdoors kind of guy. I've been racing bicycles for twenty-five years.

I am not new to affiliate marketing. I have experience and expertise in a variety of niche markets. I have had some success. I blog in some of those niches like http://outdoorskinny.com, http://rtdiet.com, and http://textbookrentalreviews.com

TBRR was one of my first sites. It's in a very narrow niche. It's of course seasonal. It's built on Wordpress. At the moment, it invokes no social media or even a list. All of the traffic is and always has been exclusively organic. The site pays for all of my hosting. I originally built it from scratch. It's been my sandbox for learning CSS.

Before that I built a website called http://bikesup.com which predates facebook in terms of social networks. I launched it in 2003 as a bicycle related social network It's dormant now as it's really a web 1.0 site - all from scratch with a fair amount of php and mySQL. But it worked. With a database that contains the attributes of more than 7000 bicycle hillclimbs.

If I had to express some personal strengths I'd say persistence, creativity, and a broad skill-set. On the other side, I'd rather walk away than to deal with someone's BS and I have a hard time with the idea of selling something to you. I'm more of an educator than a salesman.

Back to the beginner's mind - my personal take of my self at this time is more like a farmer planting a new field.
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Based on what I've read here,, you will have some very interesting things for us. I don't think you will have much trouble building an income from online marketing.
Shawn Martin Premium
Welcome to WA and thanks for the follow!
Start here and if you need any help feel free to give me a shout!
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Welcome! John
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It sounds like you bring a lot to the table. Looking forward to working with you. Welcome to WA.
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Good day and welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate community! The first thing I suggest you do is jump into a live chat and introduce yourself. You will find this on the main Dashboard within WA. Here you will find other members within the community (including myself) that you will be able to communicate with, network with and get help with. :)

Lots of help here and a lot of people that care about your personal success. If you get stuck, simply ask! I look forward to working with you!

Oh, and I wanted to also point you in the direction of the Getting Started Course which is located on your dashboard, and in the main menu under recommended training "Getting Started".

Here is the link: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/online-entrepreneur-certification-getting-started-level-1