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Seriously you guys, think about it. This unexpected (but very serendipitous) moment of your life happens and suddenly, you are the R word, you are Rich! You don't have to worry about money anymore, about paying bills, about having to refuse your daughter, (or granddaughter) whatever she wants. Don't have to worry about sending your son, (or grandson) to the finest school in the country, because he is the smartest kid in his age group. Or in my case, you don't have to worry about the fact that
It's getting scary here, but we've been through it before. My husband and I don't live on the coast but mid-state, so we'll likely just get some flooding, lost tree branches and electricity. My sister and her family live in Myrtle Beach but are staying here for the duration of the storm. (We always planned on visiting one another "soon" but never got around to it. So now we're having a hurricane party!) But since Katrina, I thought mandatory meant you HAVE TO get out! But it doesn't. People ca
September 03, 2018
Here is a 'Food for Thought' question for you:If fish could scream, would we still go fishing?I personally don't fish but I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks! SUE
August 13, 2018
I got another lovely email this morning excitedly telling me that my content has been indexed in Google. I love these emails. They're like a well deserved pat on the back, a way of telling us that our time and hard work are paying off, and that we're on the road to making money!$!I must admit that I still struggle with 'The Perfectionist' within myself that wants to critique every word I write. Kyle tells us that trying to be perfect is actually a hindrance and he is right. When I agonize over
When I first went premium here at WA a few months back, I eagerly jumped into the training with both feet. I was not exactly desperate to make money, but certainly hoping to before long, because with a disabled husband, I could only work part-time and it was getting harder and harder to make ends meet.At first I found the training relatively easy and fun, but of course with any new learning experience, I hit a few snags. Well, 'hit a few snags' is putting it quite mildly; After creating a few p
Whew! Another WA lesson under my belt and this one was a toughie! But I persevered (asked for help) and finally finished the tasks. I admit that the lessons at WA sometimes leave me stymied, but I'm grateful to Kyle for continually reminding us to not overthink and over complicate things.That is something I've been guilty of my whole life and it can be debilitating! I think I get the tendency from my mom because not only did she over complicate everything, she over analyzed every little thing
June 24, 2018
Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a thought that I consider to be just another perk of being a member of this fine community at Wealthy Affiliate. Probably like many other people, this was not my first attempt at affiliate marketing. I joined up with another online training course after I lost my very good, very long time job when the veterinarian I worked for retired and our animal clinic closed down.This other company taught link post blogging. After I handed my money over, I was told ho
June 14, 2018
So I've been here at WA since late March. When I first joined, I said to the community, "I have a part-time job that I love and a full time disabled husband. Can I make this work?" Everyone assured me that I could if I was willing to work hard, and just go at my own pace, which I am and I do; although I call it 'working hard', I also find it great fun and a true form of creative expression.But I've been here almost three months and I'm only on Level 3, lesson 2. I have 8 posts on my website, th
Hello Friends at WA! At this point in the training Kyle says I should be proud of what I have accomplished and I'm happy to say that I am! The niche that I have chosen is about how to best care for your aging canine best friend. It is I have created 5 posts besides my "About Me" page, and if I do say so myself, I think they are interesting and informative.But wow! We can't say they didn't warn us, right? Right off the bat the Head Honchos at WA told us that being successful