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January 19, 2019
Greeting Fellow WA Members!Recently my meditation group went on a 4 day retreat to a remote seashore location. The purpose of this retreat was mainly for reflective meditation electronic devices allowed! I knew that this would be a good bit of time away from website work, but I also knew that I needed this time away, physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as spiritually.Lately though, I'd been wondering why 6 of my posts had still not been indexed in Google. Like many other WA
December 23, 2018
圣诞节快乐 ~ joyeux Noël ~ Happy Christmas ~ क्रिसमस की बधाई ~ Feliz Navidad ~ Merry CHristmas ~ счастливого Рождества ~ Fröhliche Weihnachten ~ buon Natale ~ عيد ميلاد سعيد ~ Class aptent
December 04, 2018
Hello Everyone!I've been quite inactive here at WA during the month of November, so much so in fact, that my WA rank has crept up 100 points or so.But it's been for good reason. I had back-to-back cataract surgeries last month, each eye, two weeks apart. Y'all, I feel like I just stepped into the Land of Oz !The cataract in my left eye had been growing for several years and the one in my right, about two years. I can't believe how much this (literally) dimmed my outlook on life! (Life situation
Happy Halloween Y'all! As most of us know, halloween is really "All Hallows' Eve," the evening before "All Saints Day" on the Christian calendar. Despite that, what it actually means to most of us is a night of scary fun, of parties where we dress up to look our most horrifying, of kids putting on funny or gruesome costumes and getting candy for their trouble. My husband and I look forward to this yearly fiend-fest with gusto. Decorations and pumpkins abound, as well as the full-size candy bars
October 22, 2018
Hi Y'all, I am blogging here today to share my progress thus far. Back in June, I wrote a blog entitled: "My Pace, A Snail's Pace." In it, I basically whined about the painfully slow progress I was making due to the lack of that most precious commodity: Time.While the time that I can spend on my computer each week is still limited, I am happy to say that I think I've kicked up the pace a notch. What used to take me 2 or 3 computer sessions to do, now takes me only one. Where I used to ponder a
Seriously you guys, think about it. This unexpected (but very serendipitous) moment of your life happens and suddenly, you are the R word, you are Rich! You don't have to worry about money anymore, about paying bills, about having to refuse your daughter, (or granddaughter) whatever she wants. Don't have to worry about sending your son, (or grandson) to the finest school in the country, because he is the smartest kid in his age group. Or in my case, you don't have to worry about the fact that
It's getting scary here, but we've been through it before. My husband and I don't live on the coast but mid-state, so we'll likely just get some flooding, lost tree branches and electricity. My sister and her family live in Myrtle Beach but are staying here for the duration of the storm. (We always planned on visiting one another "soon" but never got around to it. So now we're having a hurricane party!) But since Katrina, I thought mandatory meant you HAVE TO get out! But it doesn't. People ca
September 03, 2018
Here is a 'Food for Thought' question for you:If fish could scream, would we still go fishing?I personally don't fish but I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks! SUE
August 13, 2018
I got another lovely email this morning excitedly telling me that my content has been indexed in Google. I love these emails. They're like a well deserved pat on the back, a way of telling us that our time and hard work are paying off, and that we're on the road to making money!$!I must admit that I still struggle with 'The Perfectionist' within myself that wants to critique every word I write. Kyle tells us that trying to be perfect is actually a hindrance and he is right. When I agonize over
When I first went premium here at WA a few months back, I eagerly jumped into the training with both feet. I was not exactly desperate to make money, but certainly hoping to before long, because with a disabled husband, I could only work part-time and it was getting harder and harder to make ends meet.At first I found the training relatively easy and fun, but of course with any new learning experience, I hit a few snags. Well, 'hit a few snags' is putting it quite mildly; After creating a few p