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May 02, 2017
Hi Fellow Members of the WA Community. I am sharing a recognition just bestowed on me. My "DEDICATION" badge. Many of you, have earned this recognition and much more. Some are probably about to earn this badge along with some other badges as you have been diligently working through the learning materials and demonstrating its application. In any case this badge for me is another reminder of what I have accomplished within WA and what I ought to be doing to get more out of all the learning and
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Thank you Kyle, Carson and Wealthy Affiliate for the badges. I have just absorbed all the changes that have been implemented on this site. So here are my first reactions to the badges.The badges serve as great visual reminders of achievement, be it learning or work done. Thus for me the badges are an effective reference point of where I am, and where I need to be. In my mind the badges also reflect persistence. For me that is in the sense of sometimes plodding along, and sometimes just plugging
We all depend on the availability, that is accessibility, of sites we use regularly or may need from time to time. 'We' includes Wealthy Affiliate members, and our prospects and customers.I am sharing here information about some very popular sites being unavailable today, Friday 21 October 2016. This outage seemed to be focused on the US East Coast and was caused by a "hacking" attack on a domain names service provider. Sites impacted include Twitter, Easy, SoundCloud, Spotify, Shopify, Reddit,