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May 04, 2018
I recently ran in the problem that my image attachment pages were indexed and ranking both faster and higher than the actual article with keywords I tried to rank for. There are a couple solution for this problem, such as with the help of a plugin named Attachment Pages Redirect or by changing the attachment page. It can even be solved by the robots.txt or .htaccess file, but things get pretty complicated beyond the plugin method.What Are Attachment Pages?Whenever you upload an image to your Wo
May 03, 2018
Different Sites With Different NeedsWe all create very different websites. Some create pure review websites reviewing products or services. Others create specific niche sites or just have a site to help out people with common problems. Some advice people how to deal with things, while others show how you can make money online. Every website has a different need in regards to how we service our audience and while for a review site it is rather obvious to create more than one review, for a more n
May 02, 2018
Another month, another update. It is amazing how quick things go. Not just the month or the time or the amount of work being done, but also how quick the weather changed or how quick the environment turned more normal from very icy. Just look at the banner on top of this blog! Now compare it to my February update:Okay, I didn't manage to make the picture at the exact same angle, but you see what I mean, right? It's amazing how quickly that went too. I mean, it took just 1 weekend of 16+ degrees
April 23, 2018
I am a perfectionist and that is stopping me or at least slowing me down. It's nothing new to me. I do have to remind myself to be aware of it, so that I can do something about it (or not). above picture was taken in Oslo from a hotel window, an example of the flexibility of working online. The World of PerfectionismIn the world of perfectionism nothing gets done or published, because everything can always be better. You just feel that you could always do better, that the text you wrote is not
March 21, 2018
Yes, now I do. Do you read your posts after you publish them? Do you also let others read your posts? It's great when you got someone that can do this on a regular basis for you, especially when they can also give you feedback on your content. After Publishing - Assess Your ContentWhile driving to a car repair appointment yesterday, me and my wife were discussing my websites. She often reads through my last posts to see if there is anything to improve. She also wonders about the progress on the
March 19, 2018
Here we are again, for the February report. Since the new blogging platform, we got header images. Well, actually there were always header images available, but the system is now way easier. Before I just put an image as the first line of content and it would show up next to the blog in the overview and as a header in the post. Now it is a bit more centralized in the system itself.As I have no clue what sort of header image to use for this sort of report, I decided to use an image I quite often
February 14, 2018
SWAGOn January 24th I was accepted into the Super Wealthy Affiliate Group (SWAG) by Kyle. For the SWAG group I use my Bootcamp site Own Online Boss (URL in my profile). This domain was purchased in February 2017 and I had started the typical setup early on. I added a WA review to it in October 2017 and wrote one or two blogs to it not so regularly in the past year. On the 24th of January, before I got invited to the project, I had published one more article to it. The 12 days that followed we h
February 08, 2018
One of the requirements of either the SWAG-group or the GoGetters Group is to blog weekly about the progress. The same goes for those who want to rank high on Wealthy Affiliate or those that just want to show that they are an active member of WA. What is a SWAG - What are GoGetters?You might be wondering - what is a SWAG or what is a GoGetter? No, SWAG is not a new type of special ops police squad and GoGetters are not the ball-retrieving boys in a game of Tennis.SWAGKyle started this month a s
January 30, 2018
Doing active time management is a great way of staying productive at all times while working on your business. Read on for more about time management and the software you can use to keep track of time.Managing Your TimeThere are a lot of great products out there that I have worked with in the past to keep track of projects I had to work on through my programming job life. Some were paid for by the company I worked at and others were simply free. I even once upon a time wrote my own time managem
January 29, 2018
Did you know that your customer prefers a site that is secured with an SSL certificate over a site that is not? Did you realize that your customers might not be buying from you because your site isn't safe? Read more if you want to learn how to install SSL On WordPress and get your site safe and secure!SSL CertificateTo secure your site further for your customers safety as well as the nice green icon in the top of your address bar, you can install an SSL certificate license. These licenses used