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May 07, 2015
Just wanted to share this
I'm writing this post, to thank everyone. Who is following me or added me to Google plus they get so much for your kind support, I'm really excited to say I'm up to 374 follows. Working towards 1000 so please follow me :-) again thank you all ever so much. As always best wishes Steve.
Hey guys I just had to share this, my site hit 1000 users. And I just want to celebrate that a little bit and share it with all of you. If I can you can to as always best wishes Steve.
9 comments please click the link read the Story. thank you!
4 comments the homework was on low hanging fruit, I wrote my article, and posted it on on my site and Google plus like Jay asked here is the link to my site please click on to it. Thanks guys and girls.
Hey guys, I just had to share this with you all. I have been working on my site, for about two weeks. And I just checked today and I'm fifth on bing! I am so happy. Thank you Carson, Kyle, Nathaniel, and all the wealthy affiliate community. Keep in mind I did not know the first thing about building website before I came to wealthy affiliate, hang in there guys you can do it to!