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July 13, 2015
WA I'm asking for your prayers today. I 'm going for the results from my CT Scan. I'm very scared because my mom died form cancer. So, if you would please say a prayer for me.
June 22, 2015
Well, I just wanted to give WA a update on my progress and what is going on with me right now. I went to the doctor an he wants to have CT Scan. He thinks I my have kidney stones, bladder stones or something else. He thinks it may be cancer. So, here is what is going on with me here at WA. I forgot to change my card for payment for my membership. I have ask Kyle if they could wait until the 3rd of July. So, that I will have to money in my bank. Because the other card is no good anymore.So, it ha
June 05, 2015
I'm coming along on my progress here at WA. I have had my mother in law here with us for a month. I enjoyed being here. But, i'm ready to sunk my toes into finishing my website and the courses here. Want to give a big thank you to everyone that has helped me.I have learnt a lot at WA.
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March 30, 2015
I have just added my first blog to my website. Go to my webiste and let me know what you think and some input. Here is the link:
March 27, 2015
Well, I have been working on some pages of mine. So, I can start watching some more videos. I look forward to everyone being able to check on my progress and what you think about it.
March 21, 2015
I just want to thank everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate for all the help that they have given to me. I'm now a preminum memeber. I want to personally thank Kyle, Carson and Eddy for helping me to decided to become a Preminum Member. Thank you form the buttom of my heart.