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I know most of you here at WA have heard of Tony Robbins but if you have not, this is a must read. Tony is giving away a Free ebook on the 20th anniversary of Awaken The Giant Within. His first book that sold millions and millions of copies. This guy is so full of energy and life. listening to him and reading his books is something I really can't explain. I know he just motivates me to be a better person in all aspects of life.I came across this online and thought I would share it with all the
Could you please help me welcome To our great communityA new referral Ted. Profile is below. you
I have a few websites and domains with host gator. Does any one Know if I transfer from hostgator to WA if I will loose my content on my websites or does it transfer only the domain without the site.Any help appreciated.Thanks Dan
August 13, 2015
I just wanted to add something that caused me some grief.I was writing a new post from within wordpress and when I completed it I hit updateThen when I went to visit site it did not update.I should have clicked save draft I wouldn't have lost it. So I had to start over again.I decided to use wordpad this time and then transfer it from there. I guess I will know better next time. Just a word of warning always save draft or use wordpad or the rapid writer and transfer it.I hope this will help an
I was just wondering how many baseball fans we have at WA.Okay don't boo me I am a blue Jays fan being from the Toronto area.Who else is a Jays fan.At this moment I have up on my screen on my computer TSN sportsnet radio but I can't listen to it. It is blacked out but I have the log posts of the game Toronto 4 Oakland 1I guess it is good I can't listen to it so I can continue with my training in WA lol!!Jays on the hunt for first in the east.Okay thats all for that. I love playing baseball and w
August 07, 2015
I know many of you have used Facebook but how many are using pages to promote their site. I set up a page to link to my website which can boost your sales if you create a large following. The new changes to facebook pages has made it far easier to promote products or services. They have added a call to action button which can link directly to your site. You can add a buy button, Sign up button or shop button to name a few.I started a page about three months ago and now have over 4100 followers a