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In my heart ever since I started here not so long ago. I felt like a family is always there. The greetings of each and everyone , the support, the encouragement and more. As you walk along the path you will learn a lot especially in the community because each one's experienced serves as example to all of us here. This is a real place to grow as a real entrepreneur. Success is on the way as we work hard and be patient . Thank you Carson and Kyle because both of you really cares.
August 29, 2015
I want to share my story to my fellow members here in WA. Last 2008 , I thougt that I am going to die and never see my kids because I was in a comma for 3 months due to aneurysm on my head but God healed me. I was in battle for my life. Then I started to be strong again so I will not be a burden to anybody in my family. I follow everything in the rehabilition to gain strenght and walk again. Thankful for living again my second life. I was not able to go back to my job as a waitress. Then this y