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April 06, 2018
Finally got out of the sandpit. Going for the 4th flag. Watch out the 9th is in my sights.
It must be a hard thing for a boxer to get up again after being knocked down before the count of ten. Perseverance will cause the adrenaline to flow and help them get up again. Maybe they are slightly off on their accuracy but eventually they get back into the fight. Once the Ref. calls the fight, it is over. Even when you lose a fight there is another down the road where you can prove you are not a quitter. Determination to become a winner will carry you through no matter what comes against yo
I am very excited that I have finished level two and have my website up and running. I am not a young man and IT things have not been easy for me to get hold of. The last two months have been hard with sickness and problems with my knees but I made it this far and I now think it is not impossible for me to accomplish my goals. WA has brought me to a place that I thought I was too old to get too. I thank all of you for encouraging me on this journey. My niche is involving my favorite hobby in g