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My site was 13 months old and reflects about 6 months of work due to a period where I totally ignored it because of my other obligations. 13 months ago I had no idea how to sell a blog.An established competitor in my niche reached out to buy it, and after much deliberation, I decided to sell my blog.After factoring in my prior income from the blog, I've been paid almost $600 for each article (there were just under 60 total).If you'd have told me that was my "salary" when writing, it would have
ShareASale is finally starting to put out on a regular basis. This is the first time I've seen commissions on all three snaps of their "today at a glance" page.My site made just over $1,000 in January, down from December but the internet told me to expect that, because of the holiday. I'm still cool with it. February is on track to meet and let's hope exceed $1,000.I have a feeling things are going to finally start accelerating upwards. I want this thing to make $3,000/month by the end of 2018
$591 from Adsense$372 Amazon:$111 from ShareasaleAnd about $150 from another vendor.Total: $ 1225.36Goal: $1000Goal exceeded!Expenses: about $60 for ghostwriting, and whatever my monthly prorated WA fee is.
December 18, 2017
So, I bit the bullet and took that Ancestry test that's so heavily advertised. In my case, I got way more than I bargained for, because my mother was adopted. it immediately linked me with blood relatives on both sides of her family, and I now have this massive biological family out there. Names and faces! And my mom is getting to know some of her siblings, too. In this situation, as both of her parents are deceased, it's all gain, no pain, since she doesn't have to confront the abandonment stu
Breakdown:$280ish from Adsense$260ish from$120ish from Shareasale$120ish from another merchantThis is incredibly encouraging.I'm not the type of person who thinks ahead, much, but I've let my brain wander to "where will this be next year?"Because even if the blog is pulling in twice what it did in November, that's a big contribution to my income - nearly half my take-home salary from my full-time job. Seriously.PS- I'd love to see more posts like this here, even if the numbers are mu
November 23, 2017
Yes - all the support, funnies, and education I've gotten this year from all the people at Wealthy Affiliate.I am the type of person who eschews social networking in my personal life. However, I LOVE this about WA, and maybe all it took was the common interest of making money online to get me hooked??!I hope you all have a peaceful, relaxing, and PROFITABLE thxgiving/black friday/cyber monday weekend. It is truly our holiday.
This happened. One single sale of $359, and I get over $70 for it. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Much to my astonishment, my blog was working overtime while I was snoozing. Adsense started picking up, and the commissions started coming in. So I picked up the publishing pace in October, engaged in more comment trades, and I'm shocked to see from all sources I made almost $500. About $140 from adsense, $280 from amazon (US and UK and Canada combined), $8 from shareasale, and $40 from another product. If this multiplies even by two, it will be a considerable addition to my income. By three, a
October 08, 2017
It also works if you ignore it - that's the magic of the internet! I've been bad about my blog and yet, maybe because I did good keyword research and article construction before, or maybe just because I'm lucky, my site picked way the heck up all on its own. I'm getting small but consistent daily amazon and adsense revenue. I'm hopeful that adding more to my site will help it continue to take off, even when I'm busy doing other things.
As a newbie, I've been told that the best thing about affiliate marketing is that you own a store in a place that's always on, and your customers are everyone in the world who is online. Let's hear it for the internet! Lots of transitions in my life lately. One negative is that I more or less ignored my blogs and Wealthy Affiliate life for two months. One positive is that I got to see that above promise in action.One of my posts is getting over a hundred organic visits a week. It's on the first