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October 23, 2018
I remember when I first started here at the WA, and I was not sure how or if I was going to complete each task, adjusting my schedule at work, sometimes I would go online just to see if I sneak a lesson in and I would tell them I am in training, lol . However, I have learned to find out my niche and optimizing my website , understanding the process of creating content on several pages and getting ranked, reading other people posts learning different technique so I could learn different methods
If you are reading my post then I caught your ATTENTION, a low hanging keyword such as skin smell weird is a low competition word that gets less traffic, when I looked it up in WA keyword tool its QSR was 42 it had 24 searches. Another example was dogs skin smell sour QSR 0 , 16 searches under 100 competition, so using words that are not commonly used will get more searches and you develop higher ranking, especially used in your website. Its very important you use words that will attract vis
October 14, 2018
HelloThe first day I started I didn't have a clue, my website finally got indexed, I dont know how WA found me but it did. I have learned the basic foundation of starting from scratch and still rising I am still currently working on my online training gradually working my through. The WA is giving me the foundation I needed to be successful and doing it the right way. I have met wonderful people striving to accomplish goals and getting it done, and for the newbie hang in there Stay WA positiv
Wow! I finally finished Lesson 1 with the storm here in North Carolina it was challenging but i made it and on to lesson 2 so inspired by others. I learned so much going through the trainings and having patience is a must. This is a great platform it offers so much, so proud to be a WA-mazing member. Thanks to everyone.....