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Success Google Indexed four of my articles.Well what a fantastic journey it has been so far on Wealthy Affiliate, with so many wonderful and inspiring people in the community, help is always close by so.I have just completed course 3 Lesson 10 is where l have felt things are getting more interesting and l am now starting to understand how to monetize my website.For many years l have wanted to build my own website but found getti
Light Bulb Moment.Hello and welcome new and old members here on WA.Today l am currently working on Boosting Your WA Ranks under Kyle's training, building your own traffic level 2.It is strange that this particular part of the training had a "Light Bulb" moment for me, as l have started to slowly realize that in my own right l am already a success.My dedication to helping others in the world of Life coaching and mentoring, has helped and inspired many disadvantaged people. Some of these people h
Mission as a Life CoachTo be a successful Business Woman in the Life Coaching Industry.To develop and inspire others to be successful and grow and develop new business and dreams.To be a globally recognized thought leader for my Niche, and self-development coaching Programs.I love to Motivate, Inspire, Empower and help people to develop beyond their Limits & expectations.It is my mission to Integrate Talking Avatar Hosts and training videos within our coaching Niche, which will be also suit
January 29, 2018
ITime Management Goals.Time management is a technique, if we are failing to manage our time, we can feel overwhelmed and get stressed and our productivity and efficiency will quickly diminish.Time management is about managing your time and also about setting Goals. Each Goal can be recorded and then may be broken down into an action plan, or a simple task list. Activities are then rated on their urgency and priority of importance.Deadlines are then set which forms a process to obtain results in
Well l can honestly say this is one of the best Training platforms l have used.Really enjoying this whole experience on Wealthy Affiliate.
Vision to build a coaching community.To build a coaching community on a global scale, where there is sufficient need and potential for coaching and mentoring, both in the local community, Nationally and internationally.Health and Wellness Life Coaching.Health coaching, also referred to as wellness coaching, is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behaviour, by challenging a client to develop their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action.To align or
Fantastic like minded people here on WA all with similar Goals and hungry for success.I am proud to have become a premium Member and feel part of a caring community.After being off here for a while due to my illness, pleased to have returned with my mind ready to accomplish and focus on the good things that lay ahead.Wishing everyone on here Success.Wendy