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Hi Folks,On January 23th, 2018, I received a private message from Kyle telling me that I had been chosen to be part of the Super Affiliate Training Challenge or SWAG. I was over the moon! It is going to be much work, but the reward will be priceless!So, here is my progress so far, in month 1 of the SWAG. I bought a domain, and have a website that is up and running called My Affiliate Toolbox dot com. Plus, I created some content which includes my WA review and about page. I also have been tweak
February 01, 2017
Hello everyone,I just a badge inside WA for my dedication. It's been 2 years since I joined WA. Best investment I ever made! Still learning. I just started recently my second website with is about hiking backpacks. I going to go celebrate by adding more content to my new website!Sonia :)
September 02, 2015
Hi everyone,I was checking my emails earlier and I received an email from Amazon. I thought oh no, I been rejected from the associates program. As many of you know if you don't make a sale within the first 6 months of joining the program they close your account, and I'm only a few days away of reaching that limit.But was I wrong or what! The email was to inform me that I have been accepted into the program! I made my first sale ever! I'm over the moon!I joined WA February 12, 2015, and upgraded
May 13, 2015
I have been here at WA since February 2015 (3 months). And I have learned so much and continued to learn every day. I’m doing level 4 Entrepreneur certification and I’m on lesson 7.I guess that my biggest struggle is to get traffic to my website. Without traffic or visitors it is tough to analyze what is not working versus what is working and make the adjustments accordingly. I am having a hard time to rank in Google. A few of pages/posts ranked between page 6 and 20 (6-7 pages out of 20) an
Hi everyone It is been one month since I joined WA and I loved it here! Everyone is been very helpful. I built my website, and my niche is about African Safari. At first I had a hard time to write post with a targeted keyword I am getting better at it, they say that practice it makes perfect or something along those lines! Almost done with level 2 training I cannot wait to start learning about the ways to make money with my website. I am eager to find out (besides affiliate programs) how a we
February 16, 2015
Hi everyone, Happy to be here, I just sign up for the premium membership! Have a nice day eveyone!