Hi, I'm on Course 4 Lesson 10 and it tells me all about the "Share Only" mode and when to use it. Can anybody tell me what it is exactly and how do I do it? Thanks.
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JackieB830 Premium
Thanks for asking the question Michelle, I was wondering about it.

All the best

RoriO Premium
Thanks for asking exactly what I was wondering, Michelle, and thanks Hammer for answering!
KatieMac Premium
see the hammer has explained it to you, took me a bit to get the hang of it
TheHammer Premium
Hi Michelle. Share only mode is referring to only sharing content on some social media... In my case as an example... I will engage with posts and people more often on Google+ and more likely to get into a conversation, while on Facebook I am only really sharing posts and content. My level of engagement is much lower on FB than on G+.

Twitter, instagram, pinterest are other social networks I am sharing content more than actually getting involved in conversation. So I might share an hour with all those social networks, while an 1 hour with Google+ alone.

Does that help answer your question?
MichelleWA Premium
That explained it a bit. So since I do not have much engagement on Pinterest and Twitter, should I go "Share Only" mode?
TheHammer Premium
Correct... It doesn't mean you have to stay "share only" mode forever on those platforms... When you get more experience, and your business is growing you can always switch between share only and engaging.

In the long run it will be more beneficial to take small consistent steps than trying to squeeze them all in at the same time.
Remith2 Premium
Very great and appreciate explained im already familiar with facebook ,twitter ,instagram but i m not to much familiar with pinterest actually im still studying about pinterest what going happen when i post and how to pin