So I install the share buttons to the side of my site through SumoMe as many have. I click the FB share button and SumoMe brings up the box to share the link with a picture...except the picture is not one that I want to use. Anyone know how to change said picture? I even took the picture code out and FB still uses the same picture. I think it is actually something from FB, but not sure how to change.

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johncruz Premium
onmyownterms Premium
I found something that describes how to do it in the facebook help community but can't post the URL here. Google "how to chance pic when posting to facebook" and you should find your answer (it was too long/technical to post here).
trkstr67 Premium
awesome thank you. tried a couple of google questions but didn't do that one. duh.
trkstr67 Premium
Well, I found the answer and tried to use the new code but WP kept on wanting to not save it. Which is weird. But that may be because I supposed to get WA to unlock the coding for me so I can do it, right?

The funny thing is that the pic I wanted gone iS not there anymore, which is good. It's another pic from the post I just did. But I gotta wonder why FB or whoever picked the one they did.

So now I gotta remember how to get WA to let me mess with my code again...

thanks again.