Hi everyone.

I am trying to link my webpage to Amazon.

Now when I go into the Amazon Website and get the link for the product I am attempting to promote, I am given a link to put on my webpage. Now normally these links contains HTML codes of 100 plus characters which do not work if I put them on my site.

Now in the past someone from this help page told me how I can get an abbreviated link. Could someone remind me how I can do this?

Now I have been helped here many times in the past. While I am at it, can someone tell me how I can go back and retrieve pages where I have been helped before?

Thank you in anticipation.

Aubrey Schultz

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skmorrow Premium
If you are having trouble navigating the Amazon affiliate program, I have found their chat support to be very helpful.
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, you may like try these resources You need go here to retrieve questions

There are specific rules with Amazon, why would you think you need an abbreviated one.
ASchultz1 Premium
Thanks AbieAJ.

I sorted it out myself.