I have an amazing opportunity to be given the best performing website in my existing niche and wondering on advice on how to go about integrating my website into theirs? A couple of things:

1. They are both Wordpress
2. The site I would take-over is registered at GoDaddy and hosted I think at hostagator (or similar)
3. They currently have a mailing list of 2400 customers and Facebook with 1600 followers. Any recommendations here. I currently do not have Facebook for my existing site and use Sumo to capture emails etc.
4. The site is not currently monetised - where would people start with this?

Any ideas / input would be appreciated.

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IntroVent Premium
There's more to know.

Which site has more information on it?
How many visitors does the other site get?

You can move the information from the smaller site over to the bigger site or just start writing your new content on the bigger site and then have the URL redirect to the site that you decide on, assuming that these two sites are related.

I know that the registrar has the ability to handle this because I've owned three websites that all redirected to the same website and that was while I was using the registrar that you mentioned.

If both sites are fairly large, I think you're gonna have more work than an answer to your question here can answer.

It's a slow, SLOW process to do it by hand. I just moved 13 articles and their comments from one site to the new one and it took me all night.

You think there'd be a plugin for this, but I haven't heard of one.
rwagener Premium
Thanks for the response - appreciated.
My existing site is a lot smaller, so I am thinking of adding my existing pages individually. I will first have to make some changes to the navigation of the new site and also add some of the searchability I have on my site.

The facebook one is interesting, so will have to see how that goes. I guess some homework required on this.


Marley2016 Premium
To start - the problem lies in first get the site and transfer it
to WA - taking over the Facebook account is questionable
because they are linked to a personal account unless it is
a paid business account with Facebook!
When you try to combine two websites by moving your
content to the other website it will copy over top of the
content on there from what I could see when I transferred
my sites :(
So someone more experienced with this part might have a
better answer for you!
Good luck in what you decide to do and wishing you the best.
rwagener Premium
Thanks heaps for the response.
I think a step by step approach will be most useful and probably quite a bit of manual work.
The Facebook aspect will be interesting and will require some homework I guess.
IntroVent Premium
Yeah, Marley. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with that, At the same time, your story confirmed my fears, so I'm glad I found out.

A month ago, I transferred my site over to the original site (after being fickle) and I moved every post, every page and every comment by hand. one by one.

It was a real pain! If my site had been just a few posts bigger, I think I would have resigned myself to sticking with what I thought I wanted my website name to be in the second place.

I've decided to use that old new site for reviews of any products that I might mention in any of my articles.