Kyle, are you also going to create a Facebook official share and like post in WA for FB pages?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Chris,

Your message did NOT go to Kyle in a private message.

Instead, you selected an option that posted this into a classroom where all members can come in to help out by answering the questions we know how to answer.

When trying to reach Kyle for this question, it may be best to click on "Report Content" so that you will be provided with a blank textbox that will be clearly labeled with "Contact Kyle or Carson" and this way, your message will go to Kyle's private inbox.

Please do understand that both Kyle and Carson are bombarded by so many questions from many members daily that it may take awhile before you hear back from him.

Hope you find this helpful.
topherman Premium
Thank you for that info.

topherman Premium
Sent it to Kyle, thank you for your help.