As I still have not yet bought my own domain name, I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me this please?

I am thinking about changing the domain name to something different from my siterubix one.
This is because I would like it to be more fitting for my website and to be a better keyword.
My website has not performed very well for me yet and I am sure that my own domain would help with this, am I right in my thinking?

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OldMCSEGuy Premium
I have bought many. In fact, I just bought 5 .space domains to test sites with. The process has changed since I joined WA 2 years ago. Once you purchase a domain name, if you purchased it elsewhere, you change the nameservers otherwise, just register it here then move your site to it.
MKearns Premium
Your domain name provider may also have tips and incentives to maximize this choice. No matter what though get yourself pointed to WA1 and WA2.
LKawamoto Premium
your choices are really unlimited and it will likely come down to what stands out for you - check out the domain listings to see if some of your preferences are there and available - it may sway your final decision or you may find something there you like better

WilliamBH Premium
Yes I agree with Grace. Others my may have a different view but I believe having your own domain instead of a SiteRubix one does help with search engine performance. Cheers, William.
littlemama Premium Plus
Having your own domain name is always better, it looks better and be more professional. It's totally worth it. Keywords are good but having a nice short name (2-3 words) is better to remember for people.