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Hi, I'm just happy to update that, I finally learned something regarding to recording, video editing, YouTube uploading, and also something about Copyright. I finally have two cover songs uploaded in YouTube and live right now!So after long learning with YouTube, now I'm more or less aware of the Copyright issues. Actually, we're allowed to monetize our own created video, and also available for video created under 'cover song' category.Every song is Copyrighted automatically once created or post
Today, I would like to share with you that I finally uploaded the first song of guitar sheet music with tablature in my website, Day to Day Classical Guitar.I'm very excited because this is the first step ever that I made thus far which I wanted my website to be besides of earning me revenue. In the past, I had been looking around for complete guitar sheet music with tablature to play along with but failed, they always provide lyrics with chords only but not the actual sheet music(I did found so
Hi, I'm currently following Kyle's 'Get Started Here' Course 2, Lesson 10, which brought me here in creating a new blog post to share my progress with WA thus far.I started as a total newbie with 0 knowledge in online business and creating website(I learned some during my university time but it never went into details and I never really learned the knowledge, just to pass the subject!), I knew what's with them but never involved. And today as I'm creating this blog post, I knew that I know more
I came across with this problem while registering the Gravatar, and finally found a way out by myself. So, I'm posting this blog hoping that I could help you to solve your problem registering with Gravatar which might be the same issue that I'm facing.After register with Gravatar, did you face the issue of not receiving the confirmation email(to a forward email) even though the system said confirmation email sent?It's hard to get direct support from WordPress if to compare here in WA. I searche
So this is it, I just have myself joined as a premium member since I finished the first course and I'm really looking forward to continue all the available courses and to learn my way to be a professional online marketer, creating my very own online business!!!I really need to and I really have to shout out, THANKS FOR THOSE WHO INSPIRED ME!!! Without you, I might still be doing some non beneficial online jobs such as taking surveys and doing data entry... They are time consuming and don't reall