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Hey All. I am so embarrassed! Loes made a comment I did not get. So did Cathy. Then Phil Pm'd me and asked what I wa talking about? I realize I put in the wrong tracking code. So if you would all try again I would appreciate it. Then tell me which door. Thanks Skip
Here is a promotion I am about to run. What do you think?
Sebastian Talks About a few of the Most Popular Toys for Christmas 2014 If you can find time to Comment Please do. We have made it to 50 likes on Facebook. If you could help us make it to 100 we would appreciate it. And of course our G+ address is This community is Awesome and I Thank You for your support.
First, I would like to thank all who responded to my casting call yesterday. I really am confused about all those things and really could use a explanation. Yesterday I posted a page I am tired being broke.(Keywords) Jaaxy had a QSR of 7 and SEO of 97. I used Jaaxy site rank today and the Rank is position 31 on page 4. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be ranked. However, if there are only 7
This is a call to WA members for comments. Like many WA members, I have a site to promote WA. I just posted a page, and am hoping many of you will add a comment to that page. The comments I am looking for are the ones that point out an Achievement you made here in WA, either large or small. I guess you could say testimonials, but ones that point out something specific. The comments on the page should be about you and not the post. Your comments here on the blog can be anything you want. The pos
Recent blogs by Cali, Wally and Phil have prompted me to ask these 2 questions. What is networking? Do you network?
October 04, 2014
Hi Everyone, I've added Disqus comments to the Kids blog, and would appreciate it if some of you WA members would make comments. I'll at least see how it works. Also, on the Home page and Meet the Kids About Toys Boys page, are Facebook comments. If there are any Derek Jeter fans out there, in yesterdays blog, I was able to talk about toys, and give a mini tribute. As always, I appreciate Y'all.
October 02, 2014
Hi Everyone, Kids and Dinosaurs is the topic I posted on Street Articles today and it coincides with the blog on the Kids Website, if you have an opportunity to take a look. I do appreciate this WA Community.
September 30, 2014
As many of you know, I've been working, quite a bit lately, on the Kids About Toys website. I've been posting on Facebook, Twitter, (don't have a good handle on it yet) Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus. In August, I told you that Google had listed Gabriel's John Deere loader video as a tutorial. The other day I posted a photo of Gabriel in a Hot Dog costume and said he was ready for Halloween. The title was, Gabriel t
September 19, 2014
Every once in a while a WA member asks about finding affiliate programs. Of course the most popular ones like CJ and Linkshare are suggested. Here is a couple more to check out: and