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After studying for 3 years at Queensland Academy of Fitness I have finally graduated from my Fitness course. These last few years have not been easy for me as I have failed 3 other tertiary courses prior to this. For those of you still struggling in life, have faith in yourself because eventually you WILL succeed in life, trust me.
April 04, 2012
Well I've created my fifth website but this time it's in a completely different niche. All my previous websites were based on Health and Fitness so this time I've decided to get involved with gaming. My new website is called FarmVille Secrets Uncovered. I created this website to help people become successful within FarmVille.  
Well I've done it again, I've created another website (, 'How to Lose Weight In College' is my latest website dedicated to busy college students who are looking for a way to lose weight. This is my first website targeted towards people trying to lose weight. So far I've created 3 websites in the 'Health and Fitness' niche and 1 personal website. I'm passionate about health and fitness and I'm willing to offer people here in Wealthy Affiliate University help on ho
Well I've created my third website (, this site is dedicated to skinny girls who are looking for a step-by-step guide to gaining weight and muscle creating that sexy, curvy physique. As this is my third website I'm definitely getting used to creating websites. It's getting easier with each website I create.
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February 17, 2011
I'm back at it again creating another website (, this time it's my own personal website featuring information on my five interests in life: Health and Fitness, Travel, Dance, Affiliate Marketing and Aviation. This website provides helpful advice and news on those five interests. So for example, if anyone is searching for information on how to lose weight, gain muscle or how affiliate marketing works they can head over to my site for more information.
April 29, 2010
Well I'm only a few days until I launch my own website, Skinny To Muscles ( I can't wait until then since I can finally succeed in something I wanted to do for a long time. I joined WA on April 8, 2009 and was overwhelmed with the resources. Unfortunately for financial reasons I had to cancel my WA account in August. I rejoined WA on April 22, 2010 and got straight into building my own website. This website is focused on helping ectomorphs to overcome their genen