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March 21, 2018
I think it is always too early to give up. However, with new job coming in, I have found it quite difficult to post regularly and my content has been lacking. I have yet to gain traffic to my site and so far is yet to see any substantial income too.Obviously, I know the reason behind the lack of traffic is the lack of content of my site. I wish that I can put more effort in maintaining this website but some times the workload is wearing me out and I have found it quite difficult to write consta
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November 04, 2017
Now I think I know what the journey looks like. It is all good and passionate to say that I will persevere when I sign up but once the reality hits, it is tough to maintain on the path isn't it?So far, I have not seen any income but I know that too well it is due to my lack of commitment to upload my content. Honestly I have been slacking with probably the last update was the last two weeks. My website is up and running for almost three months now and I only have about 20 posts for now. I felt
August 25, 2017
Hi Everyone, It has been great with WA. I cannot remember the first day that I signed up but I suppose I can trace back to one of my posts here. It has been quite a learning journey since then and I am proud to announce that my website is almost ready! (I Hope) You can take a look here =) I started with the free membership in first week and signed up to become a premium after that because I really want to make this works and truly utilizing all the training material her
August 16, 2017
I feel that I have truly learned a lot in the Level 1 Getting Started course. Just can't wait to get more of it! Today also marks the day that I joined as a premium member. Hope everything will work out well! Fingers Crossed =)
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August 12, 2017
So, today is the first day I am with WA! Browsing through all the tools and training, I am so overwhelmed by the information and training provided and was further strengthen by the support of the community! I certainly know that I have come to the right place this time. (It has been in my mind for the past few weeks whether to join WA or not as I am looking for a business opportunity)I would like to leave a mark here to remind myself of the excitement and the promise that I have made myself her