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I paid for a whole year of premium plus subscription and it feels gooooood. No more worrying about monthly payments, missing payments. I am ready to rumble ............... I wa s really struggling with payment every month but was able to do it in 2021 earlier than I thought. I believe the almighty God, so all praise to him. Also thanks to Kyle and Carson for giving many of us the opportunity to be able to do it. You are blessed.
November 24, 2020
So far I have been on WA for one month and have made some progress of which I am immensely proud. Starting here on WA I didn’t know anything about setting up a website. Was unaware about niche, key word, more so about low hanging fruit key word. How to write keywords rich content. My specific interest (niche) is wholesome eating for better digestion. This was chosen because many people have digestive problems. Presently, I haven’t had any financial success but I have written 5 artic
November 23, 2020
I am reall excited. Just want to take advantage of all the products and opportunities available to get my website up, running and doing well. Make some dollar.... yah.....
November 02, 2020
Everyone's life is driven by something.What is the driving force in your life?Many people are driven:By Guilt - they spend their entire lives running from regrets. Don't be manipulated by memories.By fear which may result from unrealistic expectation, traumatic experiences etc. - regardless of the reason(s) don't allow it to make you miss out on great opportunitiesBy the need of approval - don't allow expectations of parents, sibling, spouse, friends, coworkers or even your children control you
October 27, 2020
Hey everyone my website has been indexed by google and I have been only a little over two weeks on WA. I must say that I am really encouraged. Thanks to to guidance of many of you.