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Hi Everyone, Just found out that Pinterest had stopped allowing affiliate links, but guess what it is now BACK! a look at this article if you are interested and see for yourself!Thanks
May 09, 2016
Good afternoon everyone,Well, I guess it is time to share my new grandson!Kingston Jared Mitchell7lbs 3ozs and 20" longBorn Tuesday night May 3, 2016, at 10:50 pmThanks, all and I am a Happy Grammy!
May 03, 2016
Good evening Everyone,Just a short blog, to let you know that tonight at 10:50pm, my son and his wife had a 7lb 3oz 20" baby boy!This is my first blood grandchild and I am so excited!Just wanted to share with you all the great news!Amanda, Jared and new baby boy Kingston Jared Mitchell
April 14, 2016
Good afternoon Everyone here!I know that many times we see blogs here that are lengthy, but still very informational! I decided I have to pick and choose what emails I read and which one I may not be able to completely read!My main focus at WA is to build a business that will replace my full-time job, but with all the emails I receive, it is hard to get content written. So if you do not see me respond to your blogs, it is not because they are not important, it is because I have to pick and ch
Good morning all,I thought I would give you an update on my rankings according to Jaaxy! Well, when I entered my URL to my surprise I was ranking page 1!Check it out!When they say to get quality content and keywords, they are not kidding!Now, I need to get more accepted invites!Thanks all for sharing in my excitement!
April 04, 2016
Hello everyone,Just had to let you all know that today at my full-time job I was speaking with a gentleman that asked me how he could advertise a patented product he has on the internet!Well, I guess you all know what I had to say to this? Yep, you got it! I explained what I do and gave him my website address to take a look. He then proceeds to tell me that he doesn't want to do the advertising he wants someone else to do it for him. He suggested that he and I go into business together to s
Good morning all, My Blog will be short and sweet! Well, nice for me anyhow! I have been working hard to get my website seen by as many people as I can and get referrals and sales.Well, as of today, I can tell you I got my "First Amazon Sale"! Now, mind you, it isn't a whole lot, but it shows that the system works if you work hard and share with others.Today I logged into my Amazon account and low and behold, right there it shows me I earned $3.37. Wow, just so happy to see that I could do
March 08, 2016
Good evening all, I just wanted to share my new image and motivational quote. Enjoy and let it sink into to your tired brain!Thanks Sheila
Hi, Everyone, Hope you all are having a great weekend. I wanted to share what I did all day today.I know that most of you have already set up a squeeze page, but it has taken me 7 months to get this far! well, today I set up a squeeze page, thank you page and a download page.I didn't have an ebook to give as a free gift but did a newsletter instead for now anyhow.My next challenge will be emails and autoresponder.Thanks for taking the time to read my update. I still have to figure out how to
Good Afternoon Fellow WA Community, I have been receiving emails about Social Media and came across this information I thought you all would like to know about.Here is the link: to Open Instance Articles to all bloggers!Take a look and see what you all think. I found some of the information they provide is very helpful and informational.Thanks