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August 01, 2015
Good day everyone, I would appreciate if you guys could give a welcome note to my new members please! you very much!Sugenthi
July 20, 2015
Hi there,I have just created my facebook page for my website!I would appreciate if you guys could like my page and share yours below. I would be more than happy to like yours back. you very much and lets continue working towards our goals.Sugenthi
July 04, 2015
Hello everyone,It has been almost 2 months since I joined this wonderful WA community. A community that cares,helps and motivates. I'm so honored to be here and it is definitely worth every penny. I never knew I would be able to own and write my own website, I never knew I would be able to share my experiences with eczema before. I never knew I would be able to reach people from all over the world through a community before. I never actually knew I could find a legitimate job to work from home
Oh my god! I just couldn't believe my eyes. I just google my site and it sat right on page one of google. I'm so so excited and I can't even go to sleep now. So, I had to turn on my computer and blog about this very exciting news. All the hard and consistent work I have been putting on is paying off.Guys do not give up, remember the importance of your keyword selection and keep writing your content, let your mind speak. You will get there pretty soon.I'm gonna keep doing my best and strive for m
I have completed my Level 1 lesson. Got my website done and some of the content. It is pretty good and I'm still amazed that I actually built a website. Yahoooo! I can't believe myself and I thought building a website was really hard but WA had made it so easy and comprehensive. Thumbs up to WA. The community at WA are incredible and extremely helpful.I'm at my Level 2 lesson now and can't wait to see what more I'm gonna achieve. Looking forward for more exciting activities. It is very thrillin
After four days of joining Wealthy Affiliate, I was assured that all I wanted was just pure success. I'm willing to work my butt off to see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer me in return.I am honored and thrilled with all the support and encouragement that this community has been pouring in. I have to admit that I have never felt this safe with any other sites or other work from home businesses. I'm humbly thankful to all my Wealthy Affiliate families for having trust in me and giving me all
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