Hi, my privacy policy and some other stuff are showing on Google that I don't want visible. How do I mark them Noindex and Nofollow? The training shows an old screen with checkboxes that don't appear on my posts or pages. Basically, I can't find anywhere to uncheck these options.

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Greg2112 Premium Plus
If your using The All in SEO plugin you can try this on the page you are trying to use no follow
jghwebbrand Premium
One other option you have is to set those posts and pages you don't want visible yet to draft. (change from publish to draft).

You can go to Wordpress Backoffice hover over all posts find the one of interest and do a :"Quick Edit" to change its status to draft.

One thing that typically happens is that people tend to forget they set their posts to "noindex and nofollow. .
TheAbie Premium Plus
Depending on SEO plugin you use, it may be below your posts | pages.

As far as I know, it is okay for them to show.
CJNOZ Premium
I use the All in 1 SEO that came with the website. I used to have the checkboxes but the layout has changed and now there's no boxes like that