Should I target my website to a specific country base on the popularity of search from google trend?
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JeanL Premium
You have some great answers here.
SarahAnt Premium
Yes the answer is an unsatisfactory, "it depends".

Basically, it depends on whether you want to do business offline as well in your local market, if the niche is most relevant to the local market or not (that way you can really niche to that customer and talk directly to them) or if it can be a product for anyone (so then you have a larger marketplace if you go global!) you see the point....

Not sure if the following link will help, but I have asked similar questions in the past. I can't find my first question which was exactly the same as yours (the answers were quite helpful! Essentially "do you want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond - both have their merits!!).

The second question was slightly different but still relevant and I have attached below. Still maybe the answers will help?
mimosapudica Premium
Hi Sarah, thanks for your advice! It is helpful and I got a clearer picture now. :)
mimosapudica Premium
Thanks guys for your comment. I think I'll keep my website worldwide.
DaveSw Premium
Yes as Shawn says, really it deoends in what your purpose is and the niche...You can shape it in this manner, certainly.

I would consider something where you possibly focus it on a region or country, but also have something that would appeal to a wider audience...

Exception may be if you were going after a local audience, say a service or product in a region of a particular country...This may make it harder to do well with affiliate sales though, since your sudience would be smaller...

But it is up to you you of course...Your imagination and creativity along with research to make sure you have a chance to rank in Google...

Good luck!!

: )
Shawn Martin Premium
That really depends on the niche and where you will be wanting to be doing business. If it will be world wide, I would just base it in your own country