Hi - has anyone done/seen a review of SEO Optimatic? (linked to the GoMobile team)

They say their tool works on something called a private link network to build links...

It sounds a complete scam, as it's building "private links" - Alarm Bells are Ringing!!

If anyone else has any info on it, I'd appreciate if you could point us to it.

Until I see a review from a WA member that says otherwise, it may be a good idea to be wary of this big shiny object!

Thanks, Mark

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tommydillard Premium
Sounds like I need to create a review on this one thanks for the lead.
dhayman Premium
My vote is with Kyle.
Kyle Premium Plus
Stay as far away from this as you can. This is an absolute scam...you don't want private links and it will hurt your SEO. This is another company that is trying to earn revenue from the "unknowing" customer.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Kyle/Nicky/David/Doug/Debbie/Tommy - thank you for all your replies.

I know because of the training here that it is a scam - I just wanted to bring it to people's attention, and was hoping someone would already have reviewed it and let everyone know about it.

Hopefully this post will help that to happen.

The webinar talks a great game - but one thing that ALWAYS flags up to me is the endless (hour or so) powerpoint/video, that you simply can't fast forward to the bit where they tell you what the actual product is.

Therefore you get sucked in to their mind games, and salesman tactics, that are proven to win people over (or brainwash them) time and time again.

If you could just drag the pointer forward, then I would trust it a lot more.

In fact, that's probably the single thing that hooked me with WA the first time I came across it - I could drag the pointer to wherever I wanted in the video - I could pull it back, push it forward, watch it again from whatever point I wanted...

K&C maybe not intentional (maybe it was) but to me, it struck me as something different to the normal scam...

Such a subtle feature - but one that I've learned over the years, is a tell tale sign of a scam. If you can't go straight to the end game, then why are they trying to stop you?

Can only be to put big shiny objects in front of you, and "customer testimonials" etc etc to make you think this is a real product, that will really fool Google and the search engines etc... and to be honest, as I watched it, and tried to also deal with my 6 year old I thought, if I can't pause this and see to my 6 year old, get him washed and ready for bed, then what is this webinar actually doing for me?

It (they) obviously doesn't care about my life - as it expects me to dedicate my precious time to it - including ignoring my boy (which I didn't - I put the headphones down, and came back later - they were still on the powerpoint, and still talking, rather than doing!! - and it was a recording, not a live presentation).

Anyway, I'm glad some other WA members here have responded - it may add weight to promoting this scam.

As a year long member, I'm wary enough these days - but to unsuspecting people trying to make a better life for themselves, this *seems* like such a great product.

All the best, Mark
NickyB Premium
Hi Mark,

I couldn't find out much info on SEO Optimatic myself (I typed SEO Optimatic review into Google) however, I found one site called CBInsights.com which seem to be promoting it or something.

The main website (www.optimatic.com) was not much help either but rather makes the somewhat bold claim to be "The Best Video Advertising Solution in the Marketplace".

A red flag lit up for me with this one - remember there are NO SHORTCUTS in this game. Creating your own content is hard work in the beginning, but that's what one expect if they want to have a serious, profitable, real and authentic business, is it not?

Take care,
davidi92 Premium
I spent a few hundred dollars many years ago for a company to Optimize a website for me, they didn't do my site any good at all. Sounds like this is a old company if they think back links still work. Everything you need you have right here at WA, I wouldn't wast my money anywhere else.