I am pretty sure Jay has covered in some of his training the use of Rich Snippets. I have found when you search on Google - the snippets do stand out and would be great to add to your site which I have.

The problem is it keeps giving an error when I "Test Rich Snippets" ...

logo A value for the logo field is required.

I did amend this - finding the answer on Google - the article telling me I had to put in a Site Icon, a specific size and upload in Site Identity. All done, however it is still giving me the Error.

Has anyone else had this problem? And is it really worth worrying about etc.
Can you please give me your advice and thoughts on Rich Snippets.

Thanks heaps,

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BrendaMZ Premium
I use Rank Math, and rich snippets works with that theme it came from MyTheme Shop, great trainings there. I can send you info by PM if you want it?
JTeston Premium
I found it easier to use a theme that is compatible with the site icon and logo. Rich snippets I use rank math to test as they provide their own training for rich snippets with the use of their plugin.