Hello everybody!

I noticed that some of my pages are not indexed by google and I also have a following message from google analytics;

"The Guided Meditation Club property does not record any calls. The site does not receive any session or does not have the appropriate tags."

I've never had such a problem with my first website and I have no idea what should I do. Could you please help me with this?

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paulgoodwin Premium
well just use the fetch function to get all pages checked over but the other item are new to me

BarbaraS1 Premium
Dose it sound like a boring tex book or as if u r talking to someone that has no igeal of what u r talking about u might need to rewite thinks then in it might get indexed
MKearns Premium
Maja977 Premium
Thank you Michael! I will check this.
CJardin Premium
Just wanted to see if you were able to fix the issue on indexing your site. The link MKearns sent was super useful! I am still slowly working through training, so this was good to know ahead of time, so all the best and would love to see what you put together.