In Kyle's training, Course 2 Lesson 2, he discusses how to fill out the content on three initial pages. The pages he shows in the training are Diets, Exercise, and Reviews. These pages have short names because they are used in the main menu.

My question relates to the best type of keyword to utilize when the page is obviously not titled with a keyword (diets, exercise, or reviews).

Assume I am developing three initial pages and I find one keyword that has more than 100,000 searches a month and competition around 300. I find another related keyword that has 100 searches per month but only competition of 10.

Obviously, I'm not using either keyword in the title but I do have the permalink available. I can easily weave both keywords into the content.

Which keyword would be best to utilize in the permalink?

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Beards Premium
I understand the question but the way you asked it makes me have another question that triggered my mind.

I thought the permalink IS the title?

When I write a post or page I always put my keyword in the permalink because it becomes the title, doesn't it? Or am I incorrect in saying this?

Is not the title of our post/page that Google keys off of is the permalink?

And as for the question I would use the lower competition keyword for my posts that have the lesser words within the article and use the higher search volume keyword with more competition (still under 300 QSR but closer to the 300 mark) for my Pillar articles that might teach - a How To post.

See ya at the top,

Shawn Martin Premium
The question the above member asked should not be done. The permalink is the title, and it should match the written title of the post or page.
WKnoepp Premium
High search rate, low competition is ideal. Check Google, or better, use Jaaxy.
jdean81 Premium
Look into Jaaxy it's one of the best keyword finder. You want look for the number of searches and a low QSR (keyword).
jdean81 Premium
I highly recommend low keywords because you won't rank with any keyword above 300.look for keyword from 100 -0.
danbarth87 Premium
I'm always a fan of the low lying fruit. Long term that's what has given me the most results. I'd go with the 100 searches per month one.