I know we're using ALL IN ONE SEO by default but my theme has its own SEO.
Is is a good idea to activate both? Every time I write a page or post I have the choice of activating the theme SEO for that particular page or post but I don't know what to do. Any advice, guys?

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Roybretton Premium Plus
What stage are currently in, for building the site?
IF you are building the site and have little to no traffic,
the best option would be
Look at a new page source with zero content added, with both SEO set to off.
Turn one of the SEOs on and compare the new page source.
Turn the first SEO back off.
Turn the second SEO on and compare the new page source.

Turn BOTH SEOs on and compare the new page source.

If you do not know what or how to compare, save the page source from each new page and share with us here.

If you require more detailed instructions, let me know.

We can certainly get to the root of your question!
Druiz77 Premium
I really want to know the effect both have on Google Search engine but it would take a long time for Google to crawl, meaning days or even weeks. The new page source wouldn't be a problem but messing up Google search engine if I switch is my biggest concern
Druiz77 Premium
The way you're giving me on comparing both SEO is really useful. I think think about it. I'll try it to see what happens. Thank you for the idea, Roybretton
Roybretton Premium Plus
The point of comparing the source is to determine what each SEO changes on the page. Maybe they are providing exactly the same data and functionality. Thus nothing would change or affect Search Engines.
One may add functionality and content the other does not. As long as this is applied correctly, additional functionality and content can only help.
We really can not determine how either are affecting Google, until we know what both are actually doing.

Thus the source HTML must be compared!
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Which theme are you using that comes with SEO built in?
Druiz77 Premium
I'm using Melos Pro. from thinkUp Themes