Seems that a lot of people have removed google amp from their websites. Thoughts?

I have noticed slower mobile speeds on my site when using Wealthy Affiliate’s site speed checker.

Anyone have a general consensus on this question?

Thanks for your help,


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Makhsud Premium
I just wanted to share my modest experience to speed up my site on mobile devices, hope you'll find it useful. I started to post about two mo ago and have only 10 posts published and almost no traffic, only about 60 visitors so far. But I noticed that 55 of them came from desktop and only 5 from mobile. Then I checked site loading speed and was somewhat surprised to see the desktop speed- 90-100 and mobile-40-44. I installed AMP for WP and tried to configure it and noticed that mobile speed went up to 55. Then I installed another plugin Webcraftic Clearfy. Not sure that I did all the options the best way, but it allowed me to speed up my site up to 65, And finally I optimized all the pictures; fortunately, I had only about 20 images. Now Google test shows the site loading speed about 80-84. At least I see that it can be optimized. Hope it was helpful. Any questions are welcome.
Triblu Premium
Hey Todd,

We've been asked to notify SiteSupport whenever we notice a slowdown in our website speeds so they can research to find any server issues.

If that does not work, contact Carson in a private message and he will work with you to find the issue.

Hope this helps you.
YanFellow Premium
Hi Todd - Jay has some training on installing AMP and I thought this is a Good Thing so I installed it :-)

However, the mobile page speeds were still variable (on page speeds - every service I've looked at produces different ratings when the test is run at different times, even G and WA, so I'm not taking too much notice of them although I do try to optimise my site for mobile) and, what I discovered later is that it's v. diff to get rid of!!

Also, it removes bits of your site such as forms so there's stuff mobiles users don't see and can't do. Seems to defeat the object of the exercise but it depends on what you're happy your mobo visitors get to see and do.

I got rid of it. Eventually :-)
tmaltz Premium
Yeah, exactly. That's what I did too because of some of those same reasons.

I was hoping Jay might chime in. I checked his site and he didn't have amp going back this summer.

I'll try Triblu's suggestion with SiteSupport.

YanFellow Premium
Hope that works. Let's know how it goes.