Hi All,

Is there a way to know which of my articles are indexed in Google? I have 2 blogs and more than 30 articles.

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ElizabethCa1 Premium
You will also receive an email from WA that your site has been indexed. :)
Israel17 Premium
Hello, I choose AV2001 for you. He responded rigorously to your question. Thanks for asking!

Israel Olatunji
AV2001 Premium
If you click on "Websites" and then chose Sit Content, you'll be taken to a page. There you would choose "Published Articles". You'll find a small "G Colored" icon.

If that shows up in colors, your article/post has been indexed successfully by Google.
JonLake Premium
Go to Google and enter site:yourdomain (obviously put your own domain in here!)You will then see all the posts/pages that have been indexed by Google.