I have struggled to get above between 50-70 clicks a day on my website Google console says that I have low page load times which could affect rankings and in turn traffic. In the recent Google update, my traffic has dropped by 80% to basically zero.

Frustrated as over 120 articles and 18 months of work and I seem to be back to square one. I have followed all the training, advice, plugins, etc. Even support seems to think everything is okay.

Clearly, I am doing something wrong but, I have run out of ideas, and some help and other ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Triblu Premium
Hey Martin,

Once you have tried all of the suggestions offered to you here, you might consider what Phil has to say: Should you be POSITIVE that Phil's suggestions are NOT your issue, then I have one more suggestion, but I want you to check with Phil, first.

Only then will I offer the second suggestion as I know all too well how frustrating this can be.

Hope you find this helpful.
mcb247 Premium
Thanks working through stuff but feeling a lot of technical jargon is slowing my progress. It will not beat me though.
earlofpearl Premium
I do agree your page speed does not have to do with ranking, but Google knows when your page loads slow, as a matter of fact, it drives visitor away from your site.
First simple step you should take, is to make sure you do not have more than 8-10 plugins, 5-8 would be better.
Images- If you have too much Images or they are too large, it slows your pages down as well, you can actually check that for your self right on WA platform.
I would advise start with the simple steps, then move to the other advance steps if the simple steps don't work or don't solve your problem or make it better.
The next thing is, I don't know how you do your promotion, but there are some simple things you can do to drive more traffic to your site. Content is King, but your content don't always in a position on search engines to call visitors, meaning on first page of those search engines, they all might be indexed now or sometime, but all will not make it on first page.
In the mean time your have to refer others to your site and have them refer others as well, with lots of people going to your site, google would love that and even position your site for more traffic.
There are many FREE site submitters that you can submit your site for FREE, and there is a whole lot of those.
Join forums in your niche, where you can discuss topics related to that niche and leave links.
Those are just some simple things you can do to drive more traffic to your site.
I would agree that traffic count is low, I also would encourage to promote and littler more and make sure you have it in front of the right audience. I do agree you're doing something wrong or ain't doing something you should be doing, if you doing everything else right.
Hope this help in you moving forward.

mcb247 Premium
Thanks for your comments Earl I do get daily traffic from Quora, Twitter, YouTube and my email list. I think I may have found the issue, fingers crossed.

earlofpearl Premium
I really hope you do, I can understand how you feel.
jvranjes Premium
I am pretty sure speed is not behind your lack of traffic. Strictly speaking, speed is not a ranking factor and there are studies by Brian Dean showing this. You said also that Support told you all was fine.

Check if your site is still indexed in Bing and in Google, I have had 3 of them in the past disappeared from Bing without any reason. All of them came back weeks later.
mcb247 Premium
Just going through some of the posts on Google page speed and most mobile speeds are below 20 which is poor desktop is not much better at around the '50s.

Although there are many factors for page ranking I would definitely like to get these speeds up so I will do this first and then work through other things.

Might as well get as good as I can

Lightsome Premium
Hi Martin,

I have been using GTmetrix to check my site's performance in addition to Google's PageSpeed checker mentioned earlier.
GTmetrix is also available as a WordPress plugin, which you could schedule regular checks to take place automatically.

Another bit more technical way of checking what is going on on the site is to use the Google Chrome browser for auditing your site and for monitoring network traffic when loading the pages. You can get to these tools by pressing the F12 key when the Google Chrome browser is active on your screen. It will split the screen in half, and down part of the screen is having interleafs providing various views. Selecting Audit interleaf, you can run the site audit tool, and from the Network interleaf, you will see things like how long any particular item took time to load and whether or not it was loaded from cache or not. In a status column in Network interleaf, you would want to see number 200 in most cases, indicating that element has loaded without issues.
Status code displayed there is an HTML response status code, and below is a general explanation of what they indicate:
Informational responses (100–199)
Successful responses (200–299)
Redirects (300–399)
Client errors (400–499)
and Server errors (500–599)

Occasionally performance and audit reports could indicate the need to compress and to minify stuff on the site. To manage this task, I have utilized a plugin called Hummingbird. Just remember to take full backups from your site before this.

Kind regards,

mcb247 Premium
Thanks Aki I will check this out much appreciated :)

feigner Premium
might be worth trying asset cleanup plugin - i used it on my site and the speed went up dramatically.
also check what is slowing down your site first https://varvy.com/ is a nice graphical one
do a before and after - but it will mess up your stats in google analytics as they are pageviews....
good luck getting the increased speed
mcb247 Premium
Thanks Phil I will do these and see what happens... can't be any worse.
VioletLight Premium
Hiya Martin,

Thank you for asking this, I would also like to know as I don’t understand page speed insights advice on how to fix things. If anyone could explain in plain English I’d appreciate it.